Product Liability

The area of manufacturers' products liability covers a broad spectrum. Members of our firm have been involved in litigation involving defective products, from equipment for manufacturing paper products and milling equipment, riding lawnmowers, automobiles, to medical devices, and defective drugs.

Claims may arise out of design, manufacture, packaging, labeling, as well as engineering and warnings.

When a claim arises from a personal injury or damages to other property due to a product defect, we immediately examine the product and, if feasible, purchase an exemplar product to determine if the product in question is fit for the ordinary purpose for which such products are intended or may reasonably be expected to be used.

In the area of drug and medical device product liability, immediate investigation is undertaken into how drug and device manufacturers impart product information to prescribing physicians and consumers.

The use of available online resources provides immediate access to National Highway Transportation Safety Board, and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards information for automobile and truck litigation Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention provide valuable resources in drug and medical device products liability litigation.

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